Hello world


For my first post let me tell you a little about THIS “bun oven.”  Yes, I realize calling myself a “bun oven” may seem degrading, but when you break it down, child-bearing is one of the greatest feats anyone can hope to achieve.  It may not be glamorous, but I hear it’s worth it.  So I’m proud to be one.

I’m 29, married to a wonderful man, have 2 step-sons who I love with all my heart, and now have a bun in ma oven.  

I’m an electrical engineer working full time, and commuting an hour each way from rural Indiana to the upper west side of Colt-lovin’ Indianapolis.  

I also have issues.  🙂  And LOTS of ’em.  Nominally more now that I’m cultivating a fetus in my womb.  I hope to share these with you.  I hope for you to share yours with me.  


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