Updates: Weeks 11-16

Weeks 11 – 16: April 29, 2013 – June 9, 2013

Week 11 was a GREAT week!  I started to feel better, had a little more energy on the good days, and was glad I’d managed to keep my weight gain at only 5 pounds so far.

I also felt the first twinge of baby movement during week 11.  It felt like a little vibration in my pelvic area, about the size of a grape.  It was weird, but oh so special to me.

These weeks were also really cool, here in Indiana.  Last year, it had been 80-90 degrees every day since the end of April!  I would have died, had that happened…

Week 14 brought MANY things… most, not great.  My dear dear 4 year old stepson decided to turn on the spigot in the backyard to “make a river for the helicopter boats,” and unknowingly FLOODED the entire kitchen, laundry room, and living room.

Also, I embarked on a 2 week work trip: heading to Taiwan!  Think Florida weather, without the AC.  Here is a picture of my “office” at Eumach, in Taiwan.


This is a view out the back of the plant, they left the cargo doors open 24/7.


And this is the view of the front of the building.  Posh, right?20130524_20404320130524204859

The two weeks there were spent enduring heat, stress, and bugs.  It was pretty rough.  But, at least the food was good!  I love Taiwanese cuisine.  Most is pork, or poultry or fish.  It’s all fresh, and they cook with very few unnatural ingredients.  And, they feed you A LOT of food!  This little momma-to-be was never hungry!

One good thing that came of my Taiwan trip, wasn’t until week 12.  I found a cure for the “mini-death.”  Salty snacks!  

I was really trying to watch my food intake in the first weeks, primarily because I don’t want stretch marks and massive weight gain, in that my pre-preggers BMI was in the low-obese range (no… I won’t tell you how much I weigh, I’m a lady!).  Call me shallow, but yes, I’m shallow in that way.  🙂  So, anyway…  to do this, I didn’t snack, like, at all.

But, being Taiwan prompted me to bring snacks to work (from the hotel).  Every day, I had a small can of Pringles around 10, and another salty snack around 2.  Mini-death cured!  Maybe it was dehydration, or blood pressure issues, but whatever prompted those episodes was eliminated by those blessed blessed salty chips.

While in Taiwan, I missed my Memorial day holiday, and a weekend, so I took 3 days comp time when I returned and visited my own mom!  It was the best 4 days ever.  I slept, relaxed, shopped a little, and enjoyed my sister, mom, and dad.

When I left for Taiwan, my living room looked like this: 965004_10100618966643263_941652850_o

When I returned, it looked like this:

980956_10100618970251033_266934746_o 464622_10100619295234763_1950197779_o

So…  yeah.  More updates to follow!


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