Updates: Weeks 4-10

Well, as you can see, it’s been a few months…

This is my life, ya know…  I start something, and NEVER finish!  Well, let’s catch up.

Here’s what’s happened:

Weeks 4-10: March 11, 2013 – April 28, 2013

Not gonna lie, these weeks were pretty horrible.  And by horrible, I mean, nauseous, achey, sleepy, forgetful, crabby, bloaty, and sick!  Yes, these are the seven dwarves of those seven weeks.

Some days were better than others, but I spent most week days trying to focus enough to get some work done for my upcoming Taiwan trip, and most weekend days trying to take naps without seeming too lazy!

It seemed my symptoms would come in waves, every three days, or so.  My “bad days” would include lots of aching uterine ligament pain, constipation, nausea, and what I like to call “mini-deaths.”

A “Mini-death” is, simply, when I feel like I’m going to die.  This usually happened in the afternoon, around 2 or 3.  The “death” would consist of EXTREME fatigue, nausea, aching arms and legs, sweating, faint feeling, and headache.  I would feel the need to lie down, but couldn’t, since I was at work.  So, I would sit there, for an hour or more, “mini-dying,” and lamenting about being pregnant…  It was great.

There were lots of arguments with my dear hubby about where we would deliver, whether or not we could have a doula, whether or not my mom could be in the delivery room, whether or not I could have a natural birth, whether or not he could buy a truck, SUV, camper, and new motorcycle, how the new baby might affect my step-sons, why I am not doing anything around the house and not wanting to go anywhere, plus all the normal arguments about money, love, and other such things…

There were some good times, too, but not many.  🙂  More updates in my next post.


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