Thank you hormones, for making me a mother.

I had a unique and wonderful experience yesterday morning.

If you know my story at all, you’ll know the struggle I’ve had adapting to instant mom-hood, but only on an alternating weekly basis.  It’s SO hard being a step-mom.  It presents many challenges.  When I got married, not only did I have to adapt from single life to living with a man 24/7, but also, I had moved to a small town in Indiana, where I didn’t know anyone but my hubby, I had gotten a new job with an hour commute each way, AND I had/have to deal with the daily struggles of raising someone else’s children as my own (but not so much that I step on the “real” parent’s toes, mind you), while coping with not having the “honeymoon phase” to bond with my husband.  

It has been a rough road.  I think we’re coming out of it.  They say it takes about 3 years to get settled in to this kind of situation, so I’m 2/3rds of the way there!  

Anyway, I normally don’t have a problem getting the boys up and going on weekday mornings, but I can’t say I feel “good” about it.  It’s usually just something I do, like, getting gas.  I don’t really enjoy it, but it’s necessary.  

Well, let me tell you about Monday morning…

I was sleeping later than usual because dear hubbs snores, and I was feeling really sleepy, when both my husband and I were awakened by my older step-son screaming bloody-murder.  Normally, this would ruin my day.  But not today.  My husband got out of bed, and I… I stayed in bed for a minute or two, feeling…  like happy.  I felt like I wanted to get up and get ready for work in this chaos.  It felt good to hear the hustle and bustle outside the closed bedroom door, and I couldn’t wait to go take my place in it!  

Just then, my husband opened the door and said, “Let’s ask Dr. Mom what to do about your earache.”  I had a flood of good feelings rush over me.  In disbelief and giddy contentment, I got out of bed and medicated that little boy.  It felt wonderful.

I was hoping that having my own child would help me feel more like a mother to the boys, and it is already starting.  It’s probably the hormones…  but I am going to take full advantage of them to get my bond on with my family.  The end.


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