Weeks 17 – 19: June 10, 2013 – Now!

Yay!  Almost there with this whole catching up thing.  

Weeks 17 and 18 have been rather uneventful.  I’ve been “nesting” a little since coming back from Taiwan and my mom and dad’s house in Virginia.  I’ve started clearing out the guest bedroom to make room for the nursery, and have had one heck of a time deciding exactly how everything is going to go and where!  The guest bedroom has been a catch-all room up to this point.  My clothes are in the closets, along with keepsakes, files, sewing and craft stuff, kid’s craft stuff, electronics, books, shoes, and probably more…  I’ll post pictures of the transformation as it happens.  

The first step was cleaning up the entry way closet so I could transplant craft and sewing stuff out of the guest bedroom.  I consolidated the games (which my husband is not too fond of, claiming it’s going to be harder to get to and put away games, though I disagree…), organized puzzles, flashcards, coloring books, and kids’ electronics and I still have leftover room for my craft stuff!  

Here is the BEFORE shot of the closet (I had removed a stack of games from the top shelf already): 



Please tell me how it was easy to get games and put them away with the closet like this, Husband, I would LOVE to know!

Here is the AFTER shot!



I left the brand new, unopened games in their original boxes…  I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away!  But, if I need the space, they will go in the tote!

Here is a picture of the new “game tote.”



I like it.  I separated the boards from the pieces, bagged, labeled and set them in the tote!  I have noticed my labels are starting to peel already, so I may have to reinforce them.  But, all in all, a success!

My pregnancy symptoms the last couple weeks have been pretty mild.  Other than the occasional morning vomit-fest (which I’m pretty sure is from low BP and sinus drainage affecting my gag reflex), I’ve felt pretty good.  I’ve been trying to get 8-9 hours of sleep a night, though it usually averages about 7…  I feel like I’m retaining a little water in my legs (the right, especially), but that could just be my perception, too.  AND, added bonus, my boob size is evening out!  

My husband commented the other day that my “nipples are all caddy-wompus, and what not.”  I informed him that mah boobs grow on they own schedule, ‘mkay?  But, yes, you couldn’t really tell unless you notice that my … ya know…  are all caddy-wompus and whatnot.  They are not so caddy-wompus as of late, so I say, thank you, right-boob, for catching up!  

I’m having belly-button pain, occasionally, as well.  It feels like someone is stabbing me in the button.  Probably stretching…  Oh joy.  

I have more good news, but I’ll save it for an individual post!

P.S.  We’re FINALLY starting to put in new floors today!!! 


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