20 weeks!!!

Well – I am halfway (almost, I guess the “real” halfway point will be on Thursday) done.  I feel very pregnant today.  

New symptoms: 

1. Being unable to sleep through the night without eye mask and ear plugs.  Every little thing is waking me!  

2. That being said, I’m sleeping deeply when aided by the aforementioned items.  🙂  I have been waking up before my alarm!  

3. I am now unable to bend forward without squashing my child.  I am also taking quite well to the open legged squat.  Yeah, it’s pretty, you know you want to see it.  

Maybe you all have experienced this as well…  I have what I like to call “hormone spike” days.  Like, instead of a nice gradual climb to raised hormone levels, my body likes to do more of the stair-step pattern.  So, I’ll have a 4-5 days (sometimes a week) of feeling great, then whammo, I feel like crap for a day (progesterone spike), then I’m super emotional for a day (estrogen couple).  Then, I’m back to feeling okay!

Also, I may be getting an ultrasound this week!  Yay.  We’ll see, I may wait until next week.  We already know what we’re having, but this will confirm it, and put my mind at ease.  I don’t feel a lot of movement yet, and would love to have the reassurance that everything’s okay in there.  🙂  I can’t imagine the emotional ups and downs families went through before ultrasounds!  

Also, our floors are almost done!!!  My awesome husband finished the kitchen and living room this past week, so we can return to some sense of normalcy.  

But…  All this reno is making me itch to get nesting!  We’ve decided our couch looks crappy, and we need a new one (yay), and I have been given the go-ahead on rug buying too!  

I am on somewhat of a spending spree lately, though, so I need to pace myself a little.  I got new phone case, Tarte self-tanner, 10 Minute Solutions Prenatal Pilates, and new Scentsy blocks last week!  

I’m rambling…  Here is a picture of my 19 week bump.  




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