24 Weeks Update (only 16 more to go!)

Well – you’ve seen my bump, no?  I am getting larger, methinks.  

I’m pretty sure little boy is getting larger, too, because my scale says someone’s gaining weight, and I’m suuuurreee it’s not me.  🙂

Actually, last Monday (7/22) I was up 14 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  This sent me into a spiral of utter despair, remember?  Well, I’m happy to report I’m now only 11 pounds up.  Which, though, is not really where I WANT to be, it’s more acceptable.  Even if I gain a pound a week from here on out, I probably won’t cry.  … much.  

I’m not having a lot of symptoms or cravings, really, just fatigue.  I get tired really easily, and frequently.  I basically can’t even go grocery shopping without feeling wasted afterwards.  I have a feeling this is blood pressure related.  My BP is pretty low, usually around 110/75, but my pulse is always super high, like 80.  I am going to start a walking regimen here pretty soon, and get on my Pilates workout, too.  Maybe that will help my cardio endurance (which has never been good).  I’ll let you know how that goes.  

I have been working on my diet; adding more fruits and veggies and probiotic-rich dairy, and cutting out fast-food.  However, by the end of the day, I’m not hungry.  Is this normal?  I asked the nurse at my new doctor’s whether or not this was normal at my appointment last Monday (remember Monday? Monday was the day I was 14 pounds up from my pre-pregnancy weight), and she claimed I needed to eat MORE.  

This comment of hers prompted me to drop-kick that skinny-minny in the face.  

Just kidding.  

I didn’t really drop-kick her in the face.  I wanted to, but I didn’t.    

I really honestly think I’m not hungry at the end of the day because I have a baby blocking the pathway to my colon.  So, it’s like a dang traffic jam up in there.  My GI tract is like, “No more!!!  Red light.  No vacancy.  Please…  for the love of all things holy, no more food!!!  I know you don’t want me to explode, so just cool it, okay?  Okay.  If you sleep on your left side, we might be back in business tomorrow morning, but I’m not guaranteeing miracles here.”  

Anyway, anyway.  That’s all that’s happening on the baby and mommy-body show.  The end.


One thought on “24 Weeks Update (only 16 more to go!)

  1. For me, it was normal not to be hungry by the end of the day. I had terrible heartburn, too so that didn’t help things. I had gestational diabetes and had to eat every 3 hours, and by the end of the day, it wasn’t even fun to try to cram more food in. Have you tried juicing? I found that was a good way to get more fruits and veg and food in general in (though it wasn’t as much of an option for me once I was diagnosed with GD.) Good luck! You’re doing great.

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