IU Health Methodist Labor and Delivery Rooms

Well, last you heard I was wallowing in the seventh circle of depressive-Hell.  I’m happy to report I’m doing a little better.  

I toured IU Health Methodist in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday with 7 other lovely couples, and I have to say, I’m not impressed.  They only have 2 water-birth equipped rooms, which were occupied, so we couldn’t tour them.  They have 20ish (I really can’t remember) “regular” L&D rooms.  And all but 1 were occupied!  We’re having a baby-boom, people.  

The room we saw was not completely rectangular, but more of a house shape (rectangular for the most part, but a little triangle space where the “dad bed” sat).  The area available for birthing was probably 12×18, plus the triangle.  So, not HUGE, but not small.  There was enough room to fit a waterbirth tub, should you bring your own.  But, I think it would be a little cramped.  

The L&D unit is a locked unit, which you need a pin to enter.  Each mom is given a pin upon arrival and processing at the triage station, and then she’s free to give that pin to however many people she wants!  You can have as many visitors as you like, though children under 18 are limited to your own offspring, and in some cases, very young siblings.

Each room has an adjustable thermostat, an infant warming station, and a bed for mama, of course.   They give you about 2-3 hours in the L&D room, depending on whether or not you can feel your legs and whatnot.  

They are a “Baby Friendly” hospital and they practice “Kangaroo Care.”  And, all staff is lactation educated.  🙂  My husband made a comment on how many pictures of nursing women there were around the unit, but I didn’t notice them!  

They don’t have a nursery, and believe that mom and baby should be together as much as possible.  They also don’t give the baby a pacifier at any time other than circumcision.  During a circumcision, they will give the baby a sucrose dipped pacifier to keep him calm.  🙂  How nice.  

Also, the hallways are never ending, so you can walk in a continuous loop around the unit.  The decorations were a little boring, and the lights were low, so not a lot to stimulate (or bother) you.  You can also bring your own Popsicles, which they encourage during labor, if you don’t like the ones they provide (generic cherry, grape, and orange).  They have a little beverage and fridge station for you to store your goodies, as well.  

What else, what else?  They have a waterproof doppler, so you don’t have to get out of your tub to get monitored and though I was pretty sure the website said they had wireless fetal monitoring, the tour guide didn’t say anything about it.  

Overall, I was more impressed with the lobby than the actual L&D unit.  🙂  However, I will say everyone was very kind and knowledgeable, and if it was more convenient for us, we’d probably go there.  


This is the “Palm Tree Atrium,” where we gathered before the tour. 

However, since the ONLY reason I want to drive an hour + to the hospital to deliver my baby boy is to use a waterbirthing tub, and I wasn’t too impressed, or assured that I’d really be able to use the waterbirth rooms, we’re choosing a different place, closer to home.  


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