Union Hospital Terre Haute Labor and Delivery Unit and Recovery Rooms!

Sooo…  husband-doo and I went to check out Union Hospital last night after having a lovely din din at Ruby Tuesday.  

I had called on Saturday and asked about tours, and was informed that we could go in “any time” and they would be more than happy to show us around.  The only thing is, the nurse on duty might not have all the answers to our questions.  So, we went at 8:30pm last night!  

I took more pictures this time, too, since we had our own private tour.  

We parked by and went in through the main hospital entrance (the West building), and walked to the East building (not super far – but far).  


Here’s another view of the hospital layout.


It would have been shorter if we had parked near the 8th Ave Entrance and walked in through the “Circle Drive” area (see picture below).  Admitting for Maternity is right at the 8th Ave entrance, as you can see in the picture above, and that’s where you’re supposed to go if you’re having a scheduled C-section or induction. 



Okay, enough of logistics!  Let’s talk about the Labor and Delivery room.

These rooms are HUGE.  I don’t think all rooms are as large as the one we saw, but I’m sure they are a nice size.  The whole L & D unit was very warm and inviting.  The floors are vinyl or linoleum with padding underneath, so very comfy to walk/labor on.  There are also black and white pictures of babies on the walls.  

I didn’t notice a waiting area near Labor and Delivery, but there is one in Recovery, which I’ll talk about shortly.  The triage area was very quiet, and there were two recovery beds for C-section mamas there, as well.  There wasn’t anyone occupying them, so no curtains were drawn around the beds.  I’m pretty sure they have curtains, but I don’t remember seeing any.  Those two recovery beds are not too private.  Any other mom in triage could see what’s going on with you, probably.  

There are 3 wings: A, B, and C.  Each has its own nurses station, though the “main” station is in the A wing (where you enter the unit).  

Labor and Delivery isn’t a locked unit, so visitors can come and go as they please.  

They limit visitors in the room to 3 at time.  I’m not sure what the policy is on children.  I’ll have to call and ask!

Okay, below is a picture of Room 7.  As you can see, it’s huge, and awesome!  You can see the infant warmer, and monitoring equipment in this photo.  The bed seemed really comfy, as well. 



I’m not sure how many moms at Union go the “natural” route.  As I asked my questions, it seemed that there was very rarely a tub used during labor.  They do have birthing balls, and a birthing bar.  I will have to double check on the bar, though.  They don’t have birthing stools, so if you want to sit, you might just want to use the edge of the bed along with the bar.

The bathroom has a shower with detachable shower head and padded shower seat that folds up into the wall (should you not want it).  The toilet has a bidet attachment, though I’m not sure if that water is warm or cool, or how it even works.  I’ll have to get more info on that, too!  The bathroom is huge, too!



I took a picture of the sink faucet, to know what kind of attachment we’d need for the tub.  I also tried to unscrew it, and it didn’t unscrew…  It just twirled.  So, I’m thinking I’ll need a special attachment for that.  It looks, too, like we would really drain the water anywhere!  There’s a drain in the bathroom floor, shower, and in the sink.  



There is a vinyl rocking chair and vinyl recliner for Dad, should he need to recline during the labor/delivery process.  🙂


I love that the lighting was low, and everything seemed very calm.  We were warned to get there early if we wanted to use the tub to labor in, because one mom who’d tried before only got her tub about 3 inches full before she had to deliver!  Sad.  😦   

So, I’ll have to talk to my new doc and see if she’s okay with me laboring more at the hospital in the tub than at home.  The nurses said that Dr. Isaacs and Dr. Coutinho were pretty pro-natural births.  

They also suggested that we do a dry-run a few weeks ahead of time to make sure we know all the ins and outs of the room, and setup and teardown of the tub.  I’m not sure we’ll be able to swing a few weeks early, but maybe a few days, since you rent the tubs for 3-4 weeks at a time.  

After touring this room, we went to the 3rd floor to check out the Recovery rooms.  The nurses said you generally stay in Labor and Delivery 1 hour for a C-section and 2 hours for vaginal delivery after you deliver before being moved upstairs.  

The Recovery unit is locked down.  You need to be buzzed in.  There is a waiting room that seats about 8-10 people right outside the doors.  It has coffee and a soda vending station.  It’s … okay.  Not great.  But, okay.  

Here’s a picture of a room.  You can see it’s smaller, but still a good size.  And there is a full couch that pulls out into a bed for Dad.  There’s also a rocker for Mom.  


The bathrooms in these rooms are smaller, but come equipped with a shower and bidet equipped toilet.  



So…. that’s that.  

They have a nursery for your use (should you need some sleep), and will time your feedings for you, should you choose to breastfeed.  There are lactation consultants on hand, and an electric pump for you to use while you’re there.  

They provide a price list for the breastfeeding equipment when you get to your room, if you want to buy your stuff there.  They use Medela brand equipment if you want to bring your own.  Here’s a picture of the place where they keep the supplies you can buy.  


Overall, I liked nurses and the rooms, and think that Union will be a great place to deliver.  Since I’m attempting a drug-free birth, I’ll have to do a little more coordinating with the staff to make sure everything goes smoothly, but I’m happy that the nurses were knowledgeable and kind and very go-with-the-flow in regards to my wants and needs.  

I’m excited!  Only 15 and a half weeks to go!  Yikes!






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