Week 27: Crampy, Achy, Sleepy


At the end of my 27 week, I’m feeling pretty good overall.  

After changing my diet, upping my protein and not limiting my salty foods, my energy is up.  I haven’t gotten any “mini-deaths” in a few weeks, so I’m thinking this is what my body needed.  

That being said, as my energy is up, so is my weight!  This dang baby keeps on growing, and making me heavier and heavier!  How horrible for me!  🙂  No, I’m happy that my little boy is healthy and growing.  I just am hating the scale right now.  I really really really need to take some measurements, to make sure I’m not retaining water in the next couple months, and to track where that weight is going.  I have meant to do this for some time, but I can’t find my measuring tape.  😦  

I have been “nesting” lately, as well.  Purchasing items for me and for baby.  Just yesterday I got a shower chair, a blood pressure monitor, and an electric air pump for the birth pool.  The day before that, I got some new clothes for mama.  And today I got a baby sling and a nursing pillow!  They were “free,” I just had to pay shipping.  

My not so pleasant symptoms, lately, have been constipation (though it’s getting better, thank you, bananas), sleepiness, swelling, and abdominal pain and cramping.  

My friend “Consti” and I go WAY back…  I could usually keep her at bay with some fruit and Kefir, and abstaining from all other dairy, but since dairy is the easiest way to integrate LOTS of protein into my diet, I’ve been eating lots of it.  Consti loves to visit when I eat cheese, and milk, and cream cheese.  Anyway, Consti stayed for a WHOLE week last week, and I was miserable.  So I took day to lay on my left side and eat nothing but fruit and Kefir.   She finally left after that, luckily.  

I’ve also been pretty sleepy.  Not fatigued, just generally sleepy.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’m not getting enough sleep, but it probably is.  I usually get around 7, though I do try to get more.  I have not had to make late-night runs to the bathroom, yet, (knock on wood), so that’s a plus!  But my performance at work is not so good, as of late, because I just can’t concentrate!  

Another strange, but totally normal pregnancy thing that happened to me Monday night, was: My left foot got swollen!  I must have been sitting in a bad position, because all of the sudden, HELLO HUGE-FOOT.  I moved to the bed and laid on my left side the rest of the night because it freaked me out…  It hasn’t happened since.

Ok, last but not least: cramping and aching in my belly-bell.

I don’t know what Braxton Hicks feel like, as I’ve never been pregnant before, but I’m thinking this isn’t it.  

I’m thinking my uterus just hurts from being all stretched out, and whatnot.  I may be getting some more round ligament pains, as well.  My uterus is pretty tender as well.  It feels like a sore muscle when I press into the perimeter of where I assume it is.  

uterus growth during pregnancy 

Here’s a picture that shows the round ligament.  In my first trimester, I felt RL pain at my pubic bone.  It was like, a deep, intense, painful throbbing.  Kind of like what I would recognize as a period cramp.  But now, it’s a sharper, more superficial pain.  It’s higher up, now too.  And I will get cramping across the top side of my uterus as well.  (And, no, I don’t think the top cramping is gas…  Since Consti and I have such a great relationship, I am very good at identifying gas pain. :))  

Anyway, I’ll post a bump picture on MONDAY, as I’m not planning on washing any of my clothes until this weekend, and I look a bit of a hot-mess. 


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