Tail End of Week 28 Update

Well, this has been a hard week.  


+ STRETCH MARKS (only 3 so far, on my lower belly)
+ Little breakouts/acne
+ Abdominal aches and pains
+ Back pain
+ Hot flashes
+ Bad mood
+ Sore muscles and fatigue
+ Feet swelling
+ Braxton Hicks (maybe)
+ Nails are weaker

Ok, so that’s the laundry list of my misery this week.  I think a lot of it has to do with little sleep and lots of stress at work.  I got only about 6-7 hours of sleep Monday through Wednesday this week, and it took a toll on my hormones and body.  Not only was I tired at work (and therefore, not as productive as I would like, and therefore stressed), but I was getting hot flashes, my body felt run down, headaches ensued, my neck and back hurt REALLY bad, and I was in a bad mood.  AND, to top it all off, I found stretch marks!!!  

So, most of my symptoms this week seem to have stemmed from that lack of sleep early on.  I am happy to say I got 8-9 hours last night and the night before, and am feeling tons better today.  

I’m hoping to order my “Prenatal Cradle” today so I can reduce some of the strain on my lower belly skin and muscles as this last trimester progresses.  I am going to try to put Desitin on my lower belly every night before I sleep, and remember to take my Zinc, too, to prevent further marks.  

I usually get about 45g of Zinc 3 days a week on average.  I’m taking “Pure Encapsulations” brand 15mg Zinc, and I really like it.  No nausea or barfing at 45g /dose.  The first Zinc supplement I took was a 50 mg Zinc from Walmart, and I threw that up within 15 minutes of taking it!

Educate yourself about the benefits of Zinc: http://www.westonaprice.org/metabolic-disorders/copper-zinc-imbalance  and http://www.westonaprice.org/mentalemotional-health/metals-and-the-mind.  You may think this is “quackery” (as my mother does), but the mainstream medical community is beginning to find links between Zinc and health, and a simple Google search will find many studies support what’s written about in these articles, and few dispute them.  

Also, I think I MAY have gotten a Braxton Hicks contraction Sunday night.  It was a weird tightening feeling that went all across my uterus and into my sides and back.  I’m not sure what it was, but I’m calling it a BH.  

One more thing – I’m thinking this may also be related to sleep (since hormones are regulated most during sleeping hours), but my nails are kind of reverting to their pre-pregnancy state.  😦  Sad for me.  They are naturally not very strong, but since I’ve been pregnant, they have been long, strong, and generally awesome!  However, this week, not so much.  

I’ve been monitoring my BP, too, for signs of pre-eclampsia.  Up until the middle of my second trimester (when I put on about 10 pounds) my BP was a good 107/65, but after that, has remained pretty steady around 120/75.  No need for concern…  I’m just taking precautions!

I’m weighing in at 17-20 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight, which is horrifying to me…  But, I have resorted to tracking my measurements and how I feel instead.  My measurements are as follows:

Bust: +1″
“Waist:” +11-12″
Hips: +1″
Left Bicep: Same
Right Bicep: Same
Left Thigh: Same
Right Thigh: Same

It makes me feel better that it seems the weight is related to baby Nolan, and not just me getting fatter!  I’m hoping my uterus is done growing and accumulating fluid, and that the baby will just grow…  but we’ll see!

That’s about it on the pregnancy front.  I’m definitely ready for a day off on Monday!!!


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