Week 35! Last week before the last month!

Well, it’s been over a month since I’ve updated everyone on what’s been going on, and I figured my worsening memory isn’t going to get much better, SO, I’d better update you now!

Here’s a brief synopsis of what’s happened in the past month or so…

Week 30:  

I was feeling sick and sleeping a lot…  And, I passed my glucose tolerance test!  

Week 31: 

Noah turned 7!  He’s getting to be such a big boy!  

Someone commented that I was “tiny,” which I love to reminisce about.  Most people are calling me “huge!” lately.

We were trying to find an SUV to buy!  

Had my work baby shower on the 18th!  3 lovely ladies threw it for me.  We had guys and girls attend.  My husband even came!




And, I made out like a champ in the presents department!!!



Also, had lots of nausea, and noted my blood pressure got up to 138/85.  

Week 32:

Vacation week!  I worked Monday, and took the rest of the week off.  We drove up to Michigan to get our new car!


This was also the week of the beginning of swelling in my feet and legs…  

I also did a belly map!  This baby is glued to my right side, let me tell you what.  My doctor even likes to make fun of how lopsided I am.  My belly button is about an inch and a half off center.  Can’t wait to see what that’s going to look like!!!



Week 33: 

Hello SWELLING and 8 pounds of water weight!  My blood pressure was also pretty high all week, averaging around 140/90.  

I went to Labor and Delivery on Thursday night of this week, to get some information for my doctor about what might be going on with my body with the high BP and swelling, and to my total SHOCK, my blood pressure was 171/103!  They had me lie on my left side and wait until it reached 140/90 before letting me go home.  I had “normal” protein in my urine (which I assume means trace amounts) and the baby’s vitals were all fine.  

The swelling at the beginning of this week was BAD.  I’d be pretty swollen, even when I’d wake up, and then it would just progressively worsen throughout the day.  Here is my left cankle.  🙂  This, and my high blood pressure is why I went to L&D.  



 Also I gained an inch in both thighs from water, and 2 inches in my hips and belly.  Blah…

Week 34:

I started taking magnesium supplements at the end of this week, and I slept A LOT.  My swelling pretty much all went away after a night of gorging myself on movie theater popcorn early in the week!  

The big development this week is better blood pressure (130/80 at my doctor’s appointment!), and CRAMPING.  I’m not sure if I’m getting Braxton Hicks contractions, or if it’s just cramping from my cervix changing/dying a slow and painful death.  By the end of the day usually just standing brings on the tight belly feeling with cramps that feel like menstrual cramps.  

Baby’s kicks are beginning to get quite painful.  But, as long as he’s moving, I can cope with a little discomfort!  He’s also moving mostly at night now, when I lie down.  

I got my first taste of some sciatic nerve pain this week too.  Oh joy!  

Also, pretty much everyone is calling me “huge” now.  So, that’s nice.  

That brings me to this week!  Here is my bump!


More to come on magnesium supplements!   


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